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I'm a New Yorker, born and raised. Now I'm a UX researcher based in Austin, TX.

I completed my master’s degree in Information Studies in 2016 with a focus on usability and UX at the University of Texas at Austin’s iSchool. As a user researcher I bring an eagerness to learn and an inclination for curiosity, as well as always having empathy for users and my team members. 

User research excites me; organizing information, whether through information architecture or designing the most usable layout of an interface, is my passion. Before attending the iSchool I worked in market research. The job shaped my career trajectory; I knew I wanted to further pursue research, data, and user experience. The work I’ve done since has been focused on learning about users and customers and their needs, and drawing on data to understand how to best serve them.

I have honed my research and design skills by utilizing a multitude of research techniques and making the most out of my desire for efficiency and perfection. I’ve created wireframes and prototypes for designs rooted in user testing and gained valuable experience working with multiple departments, actual clients, and actual developers.

When I’m not performing user research or designing wireframes you can find me hosting a bi-monthly UX Research happy hour for Austinites and central Texans, pulling plastic at ABP, or competing in a skeeball league.